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ACE Battle Mile… Lately, these words have often started to sound in running circles. At the same time, these same words raise a lot of questions: where did this “Mile” come from, how does it work and who is the “Joker” in the distance that everyone is talking about? In fact, the idea and history of ACE Battle Mile is really worth a look. So, below we offer an analysis of the main questions that may arise for the average runner in this discipline.


The main feature of the competition is the team result and the presence of a person who can dramatically change the course of events. Therefore, teams can use different approaches to team forming, build their tactics during the race and change it depending on the situation.

Monetary rewards. For the organizers, one of the most important point is the development of professional running. To popularize and encourage athletes, ACE Battle Mile set prizes for the teams, and interestingly - for their coaches as well.

This is a purely Ukrainian product that has no analogues in the world. Despite the fact that the mile is quite a popular athletics discipline, to run it as a team with a joker, while no one tried.


“We plan to establish a series of starts, leagues and not only national but also international, - said Iurii Pidnebesny, president of ACE Battle Mile, - therefore, the determining of leaders in personal results is key, both to stimulate the growth of results and to form the national team of Ukraine in team running to participate in international tournaments.”

The governing body


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This explosive combination of running activity with a real game will open running for each of us in a new way!



Running game is available to everyone! Haven't you gone for a run yet? In the company of friends and like-minded people it will be easier!



Only 1609 meters and you are the Champion!


"This is something so new, just a breath of fresh air against the background of the official start - it gives us the opportunity to relax, to give free rein to emotions. It is at such competitions that you have the opportunity to smile, show yourself, your personality," - said Oleksandr Karpenko, the fastest participant in the Winter Battle Mile.

"It's a really great start. If you compare the emotions and impressions of the Championship of Ukraine, although it is a larger start, and Battle Mile, then honestly, I got more pleasure from the last, more emotions. Although there were not many spectators, you felt this support on every lap, on every meter," - said Yulia Moroz, the winner of the Winter Battle Mile and the winner of the Rating Mile.

"I love it! To be honest, I always liked to run relays, although I specialized in medium distances, but I was always put to run relays. And I think why in my time there was no such level of competition, well, because it's very cool. Here you can develop very far, attract the elite, make competitions international. It's so spectacular, beautiful, dynamic - it's a new format that we lacked,” - said Iryna Lishchynska, a silver medalist at the Olympic Games and the World Championships.

In the end, as smart people say: you can tell a lot, but it's better to see once! Below is a video about Battle Mile Structure and Rules!

What's Battle Mile Structure and Rules



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